Kastor’s Retro Reviews

February 27, 2008

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Kastor’s Retro Reviews

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Finally the new home is OPEN

January 6, 2008

Hi all just wanted to give all an update.  Kastor’s Korner has a new home @ http://www.kastorskorner.com/   This week will see the long over due HML3 final review as well as DCUC wave one.  We should also have some Mattel answers soon

Trade/ Graphic Novels

November 14, 2007

I have been a comic book junkie for years but this summer thanks to one of my students I took a chance on Graphic Novels.  I started with the Classic Watchmen then moved to LoG and then on to others.  The best one that I now have an addiction to is Fables.  This is a story of heroes, princesses, and talking animals that have to adjust to life in 2007.    If you have a chance see how fairy tale characters co-exist in the real world.  You will find out what happened to the 7 dwarfs, how Prince Charming can be in every princess tale, and watch a flying drunk monkey take care of Frankenstein’s head. 

The mind of a comic fan

September 21, 2007

How does a mind of a comic fan work?  Here is a small glimpse. 

 I saw a great movie last weekend called 3:10 to Yuma.  I think it was a good movie in that it really was about fathers.  It showed the real relationship between a father and son and the workings of man’s mind.  Another thing it did was made me think I’m watching Batman as a one legged cowboy, Warren Worthington the III aka the Angel and Dave as a bad-ass gun-slinger, and Mephistopheles the Devil as a lawman.  After a while that wore off and the characters came alive in the movie, which left a great impression on me.  If you have time go see it, it was the best movie I have seen in a while. 

It’s Wednesday part 2

September 12, 2007

So after a long work day I finally got to get my books.  It was a huge week with lots to read.  I did get my hands on Booster Gold number 2 today and the more I read it the more it feels like Quantum Leap.  While Booster is no Sam Beckett, he is still the leaper of the book.  Describing this book make me think of this:

 “Booster finds himself trapped in the time stream, facing a life that was not his choice and driven by an unknown force and Rip Hunter to change history for the better. His only companion on this journey is Skeets, a robot encylpedia from his own time, who accoupanies from mission to mission. And so Booster finds himself leaping from time to time, striving to put right what went wrong with the time stream and hoping each time that his next leap will be the the chance to save Ted Kord.”

Booster just fits the role, with Skeets by his side as his Al and Rip Hunter his Gooshie.  I think this book has some great potential.  With a trip to the Old West to see Jonah Hex in issue 3 and what looks to be an adventure with the Flashes in issue 4 this book could be the breakout book for DC in 2007. 

It’s Wednesday!!!

September 12, 2007

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s comic day.  The day can never go by quick enough at work.  I think I’m finally caught up on my books after my Fables marathon this summer, and ready to try to get into the stories for this fall season.  I have to say though my favorite new book that I can’t wait to read each month is Booster Gold.  It reminds me of Quantum Leap, which is one of my all time favorite shows.  I can’t wait to see where it goes.  Check it out if you can. 


The Many Faces ofNightwing

June 19, 2007


I’m a Nightwing nut and over the years we have seen some great and some bad figures come out for the figures.  During the animated times we saw many colors of Nightwing figures. Here is the start of my look at this wonderful character and what DC and Mattel hvae given us.  Coming soon the Hasbro years.