The Collection


Wow too long for an update and man have things changed. 



 New update 12/10/06

Marvel Legends go Riding

here are some shots of my new DC set up


3 Responses to The Collection

  1. Glenn Moss says:

    I feel your frustration in searching for figures. I finally found a Batgirl – only one and figured myself lucky….

  2. Hannibal says:

    It’s so difficult to get hold of Marvel Legends in England; Forbidden Planet are as reliable as a dead hamster and Amazon overcharge. sometimes manage, but the new Bucky is now two days overdue even though the Black Knight, posted on the same day, arrived on time. Frustration!

  3. scott says:

    Hi there, I thought seeing you mod action figures you may be able to help me with a problem.

    I just bought the Mcfarlane 12 inch master chief.

    Im not familiar with the terms but if you notice the knee joint its a ballsocket hinge.
    When bent they click in steps.. which makes it stiff which is whats meant to happen.
    So the right leg is fine..

    But the left one feels like its either warn away or too loose to catch onto the bumps inside causing a more fluid movement.

    ( it has a plastic pin or bar to hold the thigh and shin togeather)

    Which is resulting in the weight of the upper body to collapse the knee not being able to support the weight. So its quite frusterating trying to pose and being restricted to only certan poses because of this issue.

    Id like to know from your experience with these type of joints… is there any way to stiffen them up and still be movable.. how safe is it to attempt to tap out the bar, that is if it can be. I was hoping I could tap it out.. then put cellotape or something between the joints to put more friction on the walls.

    Any suggestions, warnings, tips or links to tutes/articles would be appreceated.



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