Kastor’s Kustoms

My need for Hydra Soldiers….I tried to find a base for the legs and I found that the Mattel Batman had perfect fit once I cut the Hydra from the Marvel Select Spider Woman.

 (Thanks to Action HQ for the proto pic below)


After seeing this and then not getting them I decided to get to work on my own. 
 I broke the Batman at the waist and primed the figure

 Then took a Hydra base and…..

 Cut it Below the belt line( i know it messes up the H symbol but the legs fit better in the waist)

  Then attached the two parts and painted them
 Here is the finished product with some of my villians.Next Easy Sue Storm Mod


One Response to Kastor’s Kustoms

  1. Glenn Moss says:

    The Hydra goons are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing your efforts. You make it look so easy!

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