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February 27, 2008

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Kastor’s Retro Reviews

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Finally the new home is OPEN

January 6, 2008

Hi all just wanted to give all an update.  Kastor’s Korner has a new home @ http://www.kastorskorner.com/   This week will see the long over due HML3 final review as well as DCUC wave one.  We should also have some Mattel answers soon

Getting Crowded

November 25, 2007

The Icons are starting to add up


Hasbro Marvel Legends Icons 4: Part Two

September 26, 2007

Welcome back to my look at the newest wave of Marvel Legends Icons.  This next figure is a great example of a figure which looks great in person but does not come across well in pictures.  Magneto is one figure from the original Marvel Legends line which has been calling for a remake.  I can only hope that they will shrink down this Magneto and make him a 6 inch Marvel Legend. I have to say one of the best features of this line is the cloth capes.  While most of the 6 inch lines have abandoned cloth capes, the Icons continue to use cloth and gives them a more realistic look to them.  The paint job on Magneto just as good as Cyclops, as well as the sculpt.  The problem, which comes across in the the pictures, is the size of his head and helmet.  I was expecting it to look very awkward, but in person I really don’t think it is a real problem.  It’s nice to see the villains starting to become part of this line, which is making this companion line to 6 inch Marvel Legends.  I look forward to more and more figures from this line, I just hope distribution improves in following releases. 


Hasbro Marvel Legends Icons 4: Part One

September 25, 2007

So with wave 3 of Marvel Legends still not really showing up in CT, when I found wave 4 at a LCS I grabbed them.  I guess Toys R Us is selling them for about $23 paying $27 at the comic shop was not a huge deal, plus no hunting.  So here is part one of the review, Cyclops. 

Cyclops comes in the standard Icons boxes with a full window view of the figure.  The figure is modeled after his astonishing X-men uniform.  Cyclops really makes you feel like the figure stepped out of the comic.  With each wave I see an improvement in this line.  The figure is also a step up in the paint department.  Hasbro has added a dark wash which really makes the uniform stand out.  While the paint and likeness of the figure is and improvement, there is still one area which Hasbro lets us down, articulation.  Hasbro has done away with the feet and finger articulation limiting the amount of poses.  Scott also only has the option to look straight a head or down,  which means no cool shots of him looking up to fire at a Sentinel.  Overall I think this is a great addition to the Icons line and can’t wait to have a Jean to go with Scott and Logan. 


Next up Magneto

Look what I found

September 21, 2007

Here is a quick look at what is coming this weekend for reviews. 

Marvel Legends Icons 3

September 11, 2007

Well after looking and looking I gave in, I paid more at a LCS. 

The Silver Surfer looks great in Icons form. 


While this Human Torch looks great i don’t know how well it will transfer in to 6 inch form. 


They both look great and have great pain jobs.  While the white color on the regular one does make the neck look longer. 

As with most Icons scales is an issue but they are still great sculpts of classic looks.  Overall they seem to be getting better as the line progresses.