Hasbro Marvel Legends Icons 4: Part One

So with wave 3 of Marvel Legends still not really showing up in CT, when I found wave 4 at a LCS I grabbed them.  I guess Toys R Us is selling them for about $23 paying $27 at the comic shop was not a huge deal, plus no hunting.  So here is part one of the review, Cyclops. 

Cyclops comes in the standard Icons boxes with a full window view of the figure.  The figure is modeled after his astonishing X-men uniform.  Cyclops really makes you feel like the figure stepped out of the comic.  With each wave I see an improvement in this line.  The figure is also a step up in the paint department.  Hasbro has added a dark wash which really makes the uniform stand out.  While the paint and likeness of the figure is and improvement, there is still one area which Hasbro lets us down, articulation.  Hasbro has done away with the feet and finger articulation limiting the amount of poses.  Scott also only has the option to look straight a head or down,  which means no cool shots of him looking up to fire at a Sentinel.  Overall I think this is a great addition to the Icons line and can’t wait to have a Jean to go with Scott and Logan. 


Next up Magneto


3 Responses to Hasbro Marvel Legends Icons 4: Part One

  1. […] aren’t good enough for you, our friend Kastor has great pics and reviews of both Magneto and Cyclops up on his site. Go check it out. Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites […]

  2. steve says:

    dude my store just got a bunch of these in and i got the silver surfer and dr. doom for 8 bucks a piece. i work at big lots hahaha.

    anyways we have the human torch in his blue uniform and one where hes all on fire and this cyclops one and the punisher and im gonna pick them all up. at 8 bucks its a steal. great stuff.

  3. steve says:

    oh we have magneto too.

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