Hasbro Marvel Legends Icons 4: Part Two

Welcome back to my look at the newest wave of Marvel Legends Icons.  This next figure is a great example of a figure which looks great in person but does not come across well in pictures.  Magneto is one figure from the original Marvel Legends line which has been calling for a remake.  I can only hope that they will shrink down this Magneto and make him a 6 inch Marvel Legend. I have to say one of the best features of this line is the cloth capes.  While most of the 6 inch lines have abandoned cloth capes, the Icons continue to use cloth and gives them a more realistic look to them.  The paint job on Magneto just as good as Cyclops, as well as the sculpt.  The problem, which comes across in the the pictures, is the size of his head and helmet.  I was expecting it to look very awkward, but in person I really don’t think it is a real problem.  It’s nice to see the villains starting to become part of this line, which is making this companion line to 6 inch Marvel Legends.  I look forward to more and more figures from this line, I just hope distribution improves in following releases. 



2 Responses to Hasbro Marvel Legends Icons 4: Part Two

  1. Well, I hope they are not included in the line-up of toys with lead content found on it…. I love Magneto by the way! He’s the coolest villain ever in X-men history!

  2. […] promo pics aren’t good enough for you, our friend Kastor has great pics and reviews of both Magneto and Cyclops up on his site. Go check it out. Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social […]

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