The New Marvel Legends Trend: Part One

Well we are entering either the end or the new beginning of Marvel Legends.  As most of us have seen Hasbro’s wave one, and some have seen wave two, we are starting to see what Hasbro has to offer us as collectors.  In my area in Connecticut HML1 is everywhere and though Ironman was hard to find today I saw 2 full pegs at the local TRU.  In between we also have something new for Marvel Legends, exclusives.  While the Giantman wave was a mess for collectors, these new exclusives seem to be easy to find but come at a higher price (around 2 or 3 dollars more then normal figures).  Now, where after that one wave Toybiz stopped, Hasbro continues to put out the exclusives.  The first round is only at TRU, but who knows where will be next for Hasbro. 

Their first offering is a sliver coated Wolvernine, labeled as a 25th anniversary figure. 

This comes in the new stanadard HML packaging with the exclusive sticker on the front. 

On the Back corner of the box you can see a Hasbro on-line sticker. (We all hope it leads to army builders)

I decided not to liberate this figure so I took some close ups of the figure in the package.  You can see that Hasbro still has not fixed the Claw warping on Wolverine figures.


Not too special but over all a nice opening.

 Coming up next Diamond Emma


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