Hasbro Wave One

So I finally got my hands on these toys, and I must say the ones I wanted so much are meh, and the ones I was meh about are great.  As everyone on Fwoosh has done here is my quick run down.

Banshee- ok figure, solid paint, and cool removible capes
Emma- Body is ok, nice new elbow joint head too small
Planet Hulk- Soild figure all around
Beast(X3)- Solid figure again, just not really wanted, jacket hurts neck articulation
Hercules- Nice figure flesh paint a little light in spots
Ultimate Ironman-  One of the best nice paint good head sculpt
Annihilus- Great figure, solid, just wish I had found a all purple one. 

Here are some quick shots of them boxed and loose



 Now I had not been out hunting in over 2 weeks and this was a good day because I also had a surprise today.  I found my first real Hasbro Thor.  The figure is huge, great paint, has good articulation, a real cloth cape.  Took some shots of him too. 



One Response to Hasbro Wave One

  1. Is your house full of those toys? I can imagine your house full of toys already!

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