The Many Faces ofNightwing


I’m a Nightwing nut and over the years we have seen some great and some bad figures come out for the figures.  During the animated times we saw many colors of Nightwing figures. Here is the start of my look at this wonderful character and what DC and Mattel hvae given us.  Coming soon the Hasbro years. 



5 Responses to The Many Faces ofNightwing

  1. Nobody says:

    Which series is the Scott McDaniel-styled (?) figure from (#5)?

  2. kastor417 says:

    I was the bats/sups DCD wave 2

  3. Nobody says:

    That’s odd. I would have thought the Ed McGuinness-based figure (#4 of headshots, #3 of full figure) would have been in the Superman/Batman series.

    I can’t even find the McDaniel emo-hair one on the DCDirect website.

  4. kastor417 says:

    sorry i got them mixed up the 5th in the full shots is from Mattel batman line from a two pack.

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