I’m Back

So, I have been gone for about 2 weeks and I’m getting a lot of support, thank you all.  We have had a few deaths in the family in the past few weeks and it has turned our lives upside down.  As things start to calm down I’m coming back to this blog.  Now the family issues are not the only reason I took time off.  The message boards have been a source of stress for me over the last few weeks, to the point that if I had to choose hunting for toys or going home, I went home.  I just wanted a break.  I have been working a lot on taking pictures and writing my ideas down some fun and some serious.  I have though long and hard and decided that if I want this blog to become my soap box, I have to voice my opinions even if others don’t’ agree with them.  After losing on Fwoosh and feeling alone on AFI I am coming back to talk about all that and toys of course.  So stay tuned it will be an interesting ride. 


3 Responses to I’m Back

  1. Welcome Back! It is good to see you online again. Remember to always use your hobby as an escape–there is enough stress in the world as it is. And remember to always write for yourself–who cares what everyone else thinks…If I want toread what they think–I’ll go to their blog. But, I came to yours! Welcome back, again!

  2. paul says:

    Nice to see you back

    you take care now!

  3. Ty says:

    I’m very sorry about the deaths in your family you mentioned. May the force be with us all………………………. ^-^

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