Trade/ Graphic Novels

I have been a comic book junkie for years but this summer thanks to one of my students I took a chance on Graphic Novels.  I started with the Classic Watchmen then moved to LoG and then on to others.  The best one that I now have an addiction to is Fables.  This is a story of heroes, princesses, and talking animals that have to adjust to life in 2007.    If you have a chance see how fairy tale characters co-exist in the real world.  You will find out what happened to the 7 dwarfs, how Prince Charming can be in every princess tale, and watch a flying drunk monkey take care of Frankenstein’s head. 


One Response to Trade/ Graphic Novels

  1. Pendragon says:

    Some great articles here man

    This one in particular caught my attention.

    Have you check out the following TPB/GN?

    Maus – just a strong powerful read

    Will Eisner’s New York – very good autobiographical stories

    The Dreamer – it’s a short read, but it’s a great insite to the golden age of comics industry

    Blacksad – This is a great detective story, with human/animal characters

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