Another Demanded Monday and Drama

This week come over to Fwoosh to see which of the many verisons of Hawkman you would like as an action figure. 

This past week on Fwoosh one thing I noticed was the drama that my choices of both characters and costumes in my weekly article caused.  While I was not alone in causing the drama my polls were the focus of all of the action.  The heated debate is centered around the fans on Fwoosh mostly wanting to see modern versions of the characters, with those new and usually silent posters voicing their dislike of the modern and wanting a more classic look to every character.  When I posted the original poll and article I included about 20 costumes that Hawkman has worn in his history. My choices and labels caused more drama so the Fwoosh editor changed both my poll and list of pictures.  By giving all those choices I thought everyone would be happy, guess not.  Anyway here are all the different choices that were edited out. 


As you can see there were way too many choices for this character, and I left out a ton more.  I do want to thank a few sites without whom my research would be much more difficult. 

Hawkman FAQ
The Unofficial Hawkman Biography


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