Gotham’s New Additions

I had the chance to acquire some DC Direct figures this month.  Having a 25% off coupon I picked up figures, which I though Mattel would not make right away and are sort of in scale in with the DCSH

First up is Alfred, who looks like he jumped right off the page.  While the other figures really do mix in well the DCSH Mr. Pennyworth is a little tall.  I really like the figure and as a back ground figure in a display I think he works well.  This slanted picture reminds me of “Same Bat time, same Bat Channel”.   

The next figure I picked up was Hush.  This figure was part of wave one of 3 waves from the Hush story line.  The differences between wave one and wave three are very apparent when you have them next to each other.  Hush has limited pose-ability due to the cut joints rather then ball jointed arms and legs.  The other draw back is the guns are molded into his hand which really makes this more of a statue then an action figure. 

The final figure is Jim Gordon.  I think this is really the start of the figures I got this time around.  The Commish is well sculpted, comes with clip-on glasses, and his gun is also removable. 


Jim Lee is one of my favorite comic artists and having these figures mixed in with my DCSH really makes the display complete.   


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