Have You Seen This Man?

Have you seen this figure?  No?  Well that is because Hasbro decided to send out cases of Marvel Legends 3 the Brood Queen Wave with out her tail and this long wanted figure.  That is right they short packed a BAF piece.  Guess where the only place you can find one unless you were lucky at a store?  Give up?  Hasbro Toy Shop is the only place you are going to find him in stock for sure, so good luck to collectors finding him in store. 


2 Responses to Have You Seen This Man?

  1. Rich says:

    I’m finding Hasbro’s website is the preferred place to go for getting my Marvel jones. The MLs and other figures are the same price as you’ll pay for retail, they’ve been pretty good about getting stock in, and they frequently offer sweet promos like free S&H. Last week I put 2 MLs in my cart and the website popped a Spiderman titanium figure in my cart for FREE (the one that retails for $15) and then I added a couple of F4 figures and a couple of StarWars figures and they popped a SpiderSpud in my cart also for FREE and since the order was now over $50 they cancelled out the S&H charge (which is always the lowest S&H charges I’ve seen for any online store). That beats slogging the aisles of TRU/Target/Walmart for full on retail figures and no promos for the hassle. Cheers to HasbroToyShop.com.

  2. I was wondering why I had run across the ML3 wave on a few occasions and not seen a single one of these figures. I couldn’t imagine that it would be more popular than some of the other cool figures in this series.

    John – http://www.toytraderz.com

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