Mattel Keeps Answering

Thanks again to Toy Guru for finding time to answer some questions. 

Kastor: What’s Mattel’s view on changing certain characters articulation if the character calls for it? Say for example Green Arrow, who needs more articulation to look like he’s shooting his bow than normal DCSH figures. I know the Horsemen are totally onboard with this, but what about other people at Mattel? 

TG: Each character is handled on a character by character basis. While many figures will share some common body parts, we don’t have a set rule for this. As articulation is needed to ensure accuracy we will do our best to include it.

Kastor: With Orion, will his harness and helmet be removable or is it sculpted into the figure? And with the addition of those accessories with Orion, will we see other figures with added necessary accessories.  For example Green Arrow and some trick arrows, or Deathstroke and his sword.

TG: Orion’s harness is removable but his helmet is not. Deathstroke will come with many accessories including blades, guns and more!

Kastor:  When will we see more plans for the DC Super Friends line, and when is Hawkman and Cyborg planned to hit retail?

TG:We will announce new DCSF figures sometime next spring. Hawkman and Cyborg will be available by the beginning of 2008.

Some great news on Deathstroke I can’t wait for some pictures!

If you have any questions for Mattel about the DC Classics, JLU, or Super Friends email them to kastorskorner@cox.netby November 11th.


3 Responses to Mattel Keeps Answering

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  2. My question is a rather simple one…

    “Now that the Fall ToyFair has come and gone is Mattel any closer to deciding the fate of the JLU line? If not do you have any sort of timeline as to when you’ll be able to give JLU fans a definitive answer regarding the line’s future? Thank you.”

    I don’t know about you but I’d really like some sort of solid information regarding the line asap :). Thanks kastor!


  3. Tre' says:

    1 word. TRINITY!! SUPERMAN – check, BATMAN – check, WONDER WOMAN – ? How can DC/ MATTEL/ the HORSEMAN?? per Dave Chapplle AKA Tyrone Biggems “Give it to me, It’s mine & I want it B*#@h!!!

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