HML Fantastic Four: It’s all in the Details

One thing we are seeing as Hasbro takes over this line is the loss of details.  This is not the Marvel Legends of the past in so many ways.  The line which is on the store shelves now is Marvel Legends in name only.  The scale is seems different, and the lack fine details really make this new line a waste in some cases.  With the new company in charge of this line so did the need to cut costs, which is the biggest failing of this line.  We are left saying thank you for most wanted figures that are only average at best.  While I was content with the quality of figures in wave one and two of this line, the Fantastic Four was a huge let down. 

If there was an easy way to get the BAF figure with out buying the whole wave I would take it in a second.  While it was a great idea for Marvel Legends to include these BAF’s I think the whole idea needs a break.  I think the line needs to go back to what made it so popular in the past, articulation and great attention to details.  When you compare a Toy Biz made figure to a Hasbro one, it’s obvious that the Hasbro figure is no where near as good of a figure.  One of the major problems is also the promotional photos of the figures. 

When I first saw the Thing from this line in the wizard article I was amazed at the details and the shading of this figure, and was all ready to replace my current Thing with this one, then I got the figure.  This figure is tiny in comparison with other ML figures and Thing figures.  Ben looks almost like he should be in the 5 inch movie line not a Marvel Legend.  While I still think the sculpt of this figure is well done, the paint just reduces the quality of the figure.  One thing which also saves this figure is the articulation which is comparable to other Thing figures. 

On to Johnny Storm who I had high hopes for as well.  While some do not like the Icons figure it was impressive to me and what I thought I would get this line, but again the figure is a major let down.  Torch seems tiny compared to other figures in the line and the colors are too bright and cartoon like for the Marvel Legends line.  They decided to re-sculpt the hair and give him a flaming high-top fade like Kid n’ Play. 

We finally get a Namor in his classic outfit of green trunks and he is basic.  Again the picture which Hasbro put out to promote the figure made this seem like the must have of the line and again I was disappointed.  The figure look like the regal king of the sea and when you looked at it in person see the lack of a paint wash and the lack of quality in his face.  If this was meant to be a 1st appearance figure this would be passable but as a regular 616 figure it is lacking.  When you put this figure next to the ML 2 Namor there is no comparison. 

Finally the last disappointment of the line is Sue, Invisible Woman.  Again the same problem with the others plague sue.  She lacks detail and a paint wash making her too bright to blend in with the rest of the Marvel Legends line.

I know I have been tearing apart this line but with the problems in this line and the cost it needs to be pointed out.  The fact that there are only 3 figure out of 9 which are worth the cost of these figure there is a problem.  This line was supposed to be for collectors, yet the standard which we have become accustomed has been lowered.  For most this whole wave will cost you about $90 and unless you really want a Ronan I would advise most to avoid these figures. 


Pick up what you like and leave the rest for the kids.  I do have to say I think Reed and Mole Man are the standout stars of this mediocre line. 


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