HML Fantastic Four: Comparisons

I have been trying all week to get this full review done of this line.  One of the hold ups has been Hasbro not getting back to me on some information on, the other is school has been killing me this week. 

So here is the last of the small reviews, and I should have a full review done tonight to go up over the weekend.  I think one of the failings of this wave is the size of the figures.  In this picture you can see the difference in size of the Thing from ML 2 and the new Thing.  This difference is just one more factor we have to deal with as collectors.  The rising of oil, which limits the size and amount of accessories we get with a toy, is a huge factor in today’s toy market.   If you look at the size of old ML figures you will see a size comparison which is troublesome, they are the same size.  Ronan looks to be close in size to ML 2 Thing and does not look to be much bigger then ML 3 Thor.  While I like to get some hard to find figures in this line I think scale and consistency is important.  Without going to far in this short review of the Thing I just have to say I like the sculpt of the figure he is too small and well looks like a Cheeto. 


One Response to HML Fantastic Four: Comparisons

  1. Rich says:

    Man, I hope you keep your receipts. Hasbro has pushed me to the point where I assembled the Blob BAF but then went ahead and returned those XMen Movie figures anyway for a refund (sans the BAF pieces of course). Those have no business in a “Legends” line. And a series of 8 figures to boot.

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