Hasbro Marvel Legends 3: Preview

Well I don’t have a full set yet, but I did pick up one of the figures from the new ML 3 wave at Wal-Mart.  I ordered a case on-line and am waiting for it to arrive but I still go around to some stores after work just look around and see what is new.  To my surprise I found all of the new wave and left it right there on the pegs, well most of it.  I did however pick up the Hydra soldier, because you have to have more then one.  While I was impressed with him over all I think the cost cutting that Hasbro is making on Marvel Legends is lowering the quality of the figures.  I like the box design and the information on the back telling you what pieces each figures comes with, but I really do miss Toy Biz.  Even with the distribution problems, I always thought Toy Biz really elevated the figures.  I biggest problem that this line is facing is the articulation; it has decreased and thus hurt the ability to pose the figure.  You can see from the pictures you can not bend his elbow to a full 90 degree angle which makes him a little awkward.  You also have some problems in him standing because he is unable to bend his front foot.  While the figure has a nice sculpt and decent paint, I found tons of yellow paint in the plastic he came in, this is just not worth the price we have to pay for them.  The only thing Marvel Legends has going for it right now are BAF and finishing some teams.  I think as this line goes on my need to complete the wave will not be as strong as my need to save some cash. 


Yes you do see the Ronan Wave in the pics, but there are a ton of pics to get through so I should have it up by the end of the weekend. 


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