13 inch Nightwing: Full Review

This new figure from DC Direct is one which my cause me to add another line to my collection.  While in the past I was impressed with the 13 inch figures this figure is the one which gets me into this line.  I think that the attention to detail and the articulation makes this figure worth the price tag.  That I would say is the one draw back of the whole line, a $50 to $60 price tag. 

The box is simple but still nice, and very easy to display for those of you who keep your collections MOC.  This box allows collectors to see the figure and the accessories and still keep him all boxed up nicely.  The box also gives great examples of the character’s flexibility and a brief biography. 

Once you get this figure out of the box you can really see why it cost so much and is worth it.  The attention to detail in the costume and the face sculpt puts this figure above the 2-up DC figures from Mattel and Marvel Legends Icons.  This figure is striking when you look at it posed in action shots; it almost feels like the character jumped off the page right into you home. 

Looking over this figure you can see the nice touches added to the figure to make it so amazing.  First is the costume, which is made of real material and moves with the figures when it is posed.  In some cases when figures have a real costume it limits the ability to pose the figure, not in this case.  Also while it would be easy to make the boots part of the sculpted figure the removable boots are made of rubber and leather like material which adds to the over all realism of the figure.  This figure also comes with 2 masks which allow you to have his identity showing and change his look.  Nightwing also comes with his signature fighting sticks and his own versions of Batarangs. 

Now for the real draw back, his hands.  He comes with two sets of hands one closed fists and one set open.  You can not put anything in the closed fists, but can bend the fingers on the open hands to have him hold his accessories.  The problem with the hands is the wire does not, at least in mine, extend far enough out in to the fingers to have them close all the way.  While it’s not a huge deal it does make his posing with objects little off when his pinky is sticking straight out. 

Over all it think this is my favorite Nightwing figure ever made, and one of the most impressive figures I have seen in years.  This marks the start of my addiction to this line and over time hope to catch up and find some of those harder to get older figures. 







2 Responses to 13 inch Nightwing: Full Review

  1. shaun wong says:

    cool pix and great review 🙂

  2. […] Korner reviews the DC Direct 13-inch Nightwing figure. Excerpt: “Over all it think this is my favorite Nightwing figure ever made, and one […]

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