SHS Spidy

Well I have been doing a lot of multipart reviews lately so I figured I would try to do this one in one post.  This week after feeling being caught up for the most part between online orders and a few hunts, I saw the new Super Hero Squad figures were out.  I hit a few Targets and Wal-Marts only to come up empty.  So on my last stop before I went home had them.  Now I have avoided all Spiderman 3 movie toys like the plague, because I think they have turned Spidy into the Batman of the 90’s, which I also hate. The only reason I got these is because with all the other SHS figures they look so cool.  I know as you look below you will see I’m missing Rhino too, but I’m going to get him soon. 

The new wave up consists of Puma, Mystero, and Black Cat.  There are Spidermen with each figure which makes my room look more like the Clone Saga then a toy display.  I think with each new figure this line gets better and are worth the space.  The nicest thing about the whole Super Hero Squad line is the ability to get the figures all at once.  I have yet to have to hunt for one figure.  I think this is such a fun line to collect and display.  Even with the collecting bug taking over this is one line I don’t stress about and really have fun posing and building new display pieces for these little figures.  Now what Hasbro has to do is gives us a new Black Cat, Mystero and a Puma in the 6 inch line.  And yes that is a paper Doc Ock, I refuse to buy that movie one.



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