Hey, Hasbro Got Marvel Legends Right! Didn’t they? Part II Cannonball and Domino

Wal-mart the retail giant has again given us exclusive Marvel Legends.  This new wave which is both a mix of old and new characters seems so far easy to find.  There are a total of 4 new figures in these 2-packs.  The first one is Cable and Marvel Girl or an early design of Jean Grey.  As you know I decided to pass on these figures for multiple reasons, but the biggest one being, I don’t need another cable or Jean. 


I was both impressed and disappointed in the figures the 2-pack I bought.  We finally got our hands on a Cannonball and Domino with good sculpts.  As I examined the figures I saw why I was so impressed, they are not Hasbro figures, they are Toy Biz figures.  These are simple head swaps with new paint jobs, which while nice to have makes me miss Toy Biz all the more.  I wish I had access to all my old Marvel Legends so I could show the comparisons.  The Cannonball is a repaint of ML series 7 Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider.  I think the figure really works well with other Marvel Legends; he is the right height, good color selection and a good amount of articulation.  The Domino I think is the stand out of all the figure of this set, though she is also a repaint.  Domino is Rogue from the final wave of Xmen figures from Toy Biz.  Her paint and sculpt is well done as was the Rogue figure.  I think this shows that if they wanted to Hasbro could put out Toy Biz quality figures with the articulation and sculpts we want and we would pay for them.  As with all figures even with positive aspects you have some draw backs.  I had to look through about 15 Cannonball boxes before I found one without cross-eyes, and when I did there was something wrong with the domino.  This is a great set and I did not hesitate to get it even with the $19.99 price tag and the paint problems.  I hope that these sell well so that Hasbro can see this type of sculpt and articulation is what we as collectors want. 



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