Hey, Hasbro Got Marvel Legends Right! Didn’t they? Part I

Ok so we all know the problems Marvel Legends now suffers as a result of Hasbro getting the license.  We have poor paint jobs, cartoon like sculpts and the unnecessary figures like the X3 group, but we are getting a lot of most wanted figures.  There is the trade off, the line survives but it’s not up to the previous standards, until now, sort of. 

I just got my hands on the new Wal-mart exclusive 2 packs and I have to say I have mixed opinions about the figures.  While I had to have the Cannonball and Domino 2-pack I was on the fence about the Cable/Jean pack.  When I finally found them I stood there in the toy aisle for about 15 minutes, debating the need for the Cable figure.  After much back and forth I decided I did not want him and put it back.  Yes, I put back a toy, and then left without it.  This was a really hard decision for me to make, but in the end I think it was the right one.  I think as time goes on I will start to refine my toy collecting even more. Come on back tomorrow for the rest of the pictures. 


3 Responses to Hey, Hasbro Got Marvel Legends Right! Didn’t they? Part I

  1. george says:

    Refining a collection is the way to go! That way you don’t look back in a year at a crowded shelf, full of figures you don’t really want! Oh, and way to go about opening your toys! Take them out and play with them!

  2. WOW! I may have to start buying Hasbro’s ML line, i swear that figure looks so realistic. It actually looks like a real cat! What a HUGE improvement on what has turned out to be a crappy line.

  3. Rich says:

    I put ’em both back but if I do get one of the 2-packs its gonna be the Domino/Cannonball. I’ve been weeding through too many crappy Hasbro figures to get my BAF jones on lately. Had to have Annihilus and giraffe necked Emma Frost was real hard to swallow. I felt so bad about Emma that I got the TRU clear version because its such a huge improvement. With the clear plastic you can’t tell she’s ugly or has a giraffe neck!! And just bit it on 2 really bad XMen movie figures to complete Blob. I’m trying to refocus on LCBH and DCSH and its new incarnation as we move forward.

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