The Last of the DCSH: Part II

Welcome back to our look at the final wave of DC Superheroes.  In this review we will look at the other 2 repaints from previous waves.  This whole wave may be a filler to get us some new figures and keep the line on the shelves till our Classics line comes in, but I think we get some solid figures in this wave. 

We got our Clark Kent in the first round of 2 packs from Mattel, and now we get Bruce Wayne with Batman gear.  This figure was originally part of the last wave of Batman figures in 2002.  While some of us saw him during his original release he was hard to find, and then line went to exclusive releases in Europe.  I have to say not many kids would want to be Bruce Wayne for Halloween but Mattel gives us Bat gear to make this a kid friendly figure.  I think the details and sculpt are what makes this a worth while figure.  You can see the gloves have a little bat symbol and the Batman head is well sculpted just like the other Batman figures.  The one draw back as with the other re-release figures is the lack of articulation, though I have to ask how much articulation does a Bruce figure need.  This figure not only comes with a gloves boots, a belt, and an upper body piece, but also a flashlight.  That is the only way to describe this weapon, because I don’t really know what kind of gadget it is. 


The next figure is one of the standout repaints of the wave.  The gray and black Batman is a repaint of other Batman figures but really is a great addition to the line.  While I think the blue and gray design is my favorite version of Batman, this figure is a strong second.  The paint is well done on this figure and really has a nice sculpt.  Their is one improvement on this figure from some of the previous Batman figures, his stance is not as wide and the figures stands more natural.  The one criticism I have for the figure is that the face of makes him seem older.  This figure comes with 3 batarangs, which adds to the bat gadget arsenal. 


Come on back for Catwoman and Clayface


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  1. blogivan says:

    Batman – rulezzz! :))))

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