The Last of the DCSH: Part I

This is the last wave of DCSH before the brand changes over to DC Classics line.  I’m sure most of us wanted more original characters in this wave but I was not disappointed in any of them.   

Starting off this look at the figures I thought I would start with the redone figures from the old Batman line. 

Nightwing is my favorite character in comics, and yet we don’t have a figure, which really allows him to be a great toy.  This figure is a simple repaint of the original Nightwing from the Ninja Batman two-pack.  The figure comes with a club and a shield.  While the figure is not comic accurate the paint is precise.  All the blue on the figure is a metallic blue and his hair has brown highlights.  While this is not the real color scheme of Nightwing the figure still looks nice.  The real draw back with the figure is the lack of articulation.  Dick can’t bend his arms and the pose is rather static.  Nightwing is a very dynamic character yet this figure look more like a statue.  Even with problems this is a nice figure for those of you who missed him the first time around.  This Nightwing is decent filler until the Four Horsemen give us something new and improved. 


Next up we have the Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime comes with a few accessories and sports a new color scheme.  The original Joker was in his signature purple suit.  This Joker however is very colorful with orange pants and green vest.  The one problem with the paint on the Joker is a blue wash on his face.  The original figure was pale white and right on target, while this one with the outfit color changes and the blue wash, does make him a questionable purchase.  While again this figure is a simple repaint it’s the extras that come with him, which makes this figure worth it.  Joker comes with a non-functional gun and backpack for what I have to assume is joker gas.  The gun seems to be able to shoot water but missing the parts for it to be functional.  We also get a great full face joker gas mask and hammer.  If this figure came with no accessories I would say it would not be worth grabbing, but knowing that you can use his weapons to possibly make a great diorama makes him a must have. If you don’t like the repaint try a Big Lots they have some of the originals in stock. 


Come back for the next review and look at Batman and Bruce Wayne

And to get these figures and more check out the Enchanted Toy Chest


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