Well I wanted to wait till I saw another episode of NBC’s new show Journeyman before I made my decision, all I have to say I love this show.  It almost seems to pick up right where Quantum Leap ended.  When we last saw Dr. Sam Beckett he had just found out he had control of his leaping and did not need the project to help him.  Sam would now be on his own and would have to adapt to the time and person who he was there to help. Same had the ability to leap in as him and not need a host body.  Without the host he also lost the need for Al and the waiting room.   Losing Al would change this show dramatically to something different, which I think is the new Journeyman.   The new show takes up the same type of idea and updates it.  Dan follows people through different important parts of their lives, and has to figure out how to change a tragic mistake or missed opportunity.  Though our main character, Dan, is not a genius but he is willing to participate and embraces his new gift right away.  Both Sam and Dan have tragic pasts which although they may want to make changes in the past they fear radically changing for the their present lives for the worse.  While watching the first show, and wondering how he would prove to himself and anyone else he was not crazy, he did what I would have tried.  He buried something in his back yard helping to prove his sanity to himself and his wife, who makes excuses to help him hide his mysterious disappearances.  The one twist is he is not alone in his time hopping, but joined by his former dead fiancé Livia, who is also following someones life.  From the first minute this show had me hooked and I can’t wait for more.  After a lack of interest in TV this year I found myself waiting for Monday and a new idea and a fresh start form my favorite sci-fi topic time travel. 


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