Cyborg Superman 2

                  Well a few months ago I passed on getting this 12 inch Cyborg Superman while at my sister in-law’s house.  They have a great comic/toy store in their town of Cranford, New Jersey(Hi Shannon).  After knowing the figure was out, but only seeing it at that small store for $40 I passed, hoping that would not come back to bite me.  Well after being in a little bit of a toy lull I found him while not even looking for him and I had a coupon too boot. 

While this figure is incredible, it is at the same time plain.  I think the great thing about the 12 inch figures from DC you get a great scuplt but you also get a statue.  While the Icons wait for me to get enough space to really pose them, these figures come with a base which keeps them standing still.  The only thing missing is the glass cover to make it look like a museum piece. 

 With the static pose aside this is a great figure.  He stands the same height as the other figures and has the superior sculpt of the 4 Horsemen.  The colors are rich and bright and the intricacies of the cyborg parts is amazing. 

     I would say over all another great figure from Mattel, even with the $30 price tag.  You can find these at your local Toys R Us, and if possible try to get one of those 10% off to get a deal on the toy. 



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