Stan the Man

So here it is, the one figure I never thought I would see, let alone own.  This is not a custom but a real figure produced by Hasbro. This man has for decades created what most of us call our heroes.  He was the voice of Saturday morning cartoons and had cameoes in our Marvel movies of today. 

Without Stan Lee we would not see movies like Spiderman, Hulk and Daredevil come to life though some of us wish they did not.  But Stan has given generations of families heroes to look up to and also reflected the real world around us. 

 After years of collecting Marvel Legends Hasbro finally gave fans the man who created most of the Marvel Legends characters.  This figure while hard to get last week, a SDCC exclusive, this week you can be bought from Hasbro Toy Shop for 14.99 plus shipping.  Hasbro has given us a figure and made it fairly easy for collectors all over the country to get.  I got mine throught my fellow collectors on Fwoosh, thanks Matthew K.  Here is the step by step opening of this great figure. 


After getting him out of the box the fun starts not only is he Stan the Man, but under his coat he is also Spiderman.


Now while moving has packed most of my Marvel Legends except Deadpool.  Here he is to compare scale and have some fun with Rory and Stan.

Rory was bored and decided to take old Wade out of the picture.  But Wade was not done playing around so when the cat left he decided to have some fun.

Meet Deadlee and Spiderpool the newest Marvel team-up. 

I also Updated my collection page 

Next up JLU…..


One Response to Stan the Man

  1. Paul says:

    Good call on buying the Stan Lee. I was on the fence, but it’s a really great figure.

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