ManBat, now I’m caught up.

Well the Four Horsemen have done it again, giving us an amazing figure.  The Batman in the pictures is there for size comparison only.  The outer boxes are huge and well done for fun time opening this figure. 

After opening the first box you get a Wayne Enterprises fax about the contents of the box. Very nice touch. 


After that you have to take out a furry box, which when opened glows red and makes noises at you.   


Now on to the figure one of the best things, besides the sculpt, is the feel of the figure.  Old Kurt has some fuzzy areas on his back and the whole figure has a leatherly feel to him. He is a good size and well detailed. 


With this new addition to the Bats bad guys we have 7 to Superman’s 8. 

In closing a great figure and well you can see Rory aproves.

I will be off the weekend but check Fwoosh for coverage of the new DCSH or now DCC line at Wizard World, and come back on Monday for Stan “The Man” Lee.


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