SDCC 2007 preview Night

Well time is upon us and tonight is preview night.  Its time for the biggest geekfest of the year.  While I can’t go this year I can link you to where the info is and thanks to my new friends over at the Comic Crypt we have our first pics of Hasbro’s upcoming Marvel figures. 

 At this link ( sorry you have to join the site, but a GREAT place) you will see parts of ML 4 (Blackbolt, Punisher, 1st app. Daredevil) and the new Icons ( Jean, Nightcrawler, and DareDevil). 

 I will try to update this post and have some news as the convention goes on.


Hasbro Fantastic Four– If this line looks as good as the pics this will be the best FF figures ever!!!

Hasbro Spidy 3 ( It is one wave to skip)

Hasbro Marvel Legends 4– Nice figures just hope they look this good. 

 New Update for better Superhero Squad and Icons Pics go here


One Response to SDCC 2007 preview Night

  1. shaun says:

    ah Icons! thanks for the news!

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