DCSH wave…. oh i give up

Well after months of waiting I finally saw and got some of the newest DCSH wave.  I found Batgirl, Night Shadow Batman, and Camo Bane.  All the figures are solid and great additions to the collection. 

First off we have Camo Bane, overall a good figure but still too small.  He stands shorter then the Batman figure because of his bent knees.  The figure is massive but the height really puts the figure lower on the short list of great figures. The pants and tank top are both done in different colors and the sculpt is amazing. 


Next is Night Shadow Batman, who is a nice figure and a nice Batman variant. A nice figure but I do notice that the plastic is softer then normal for a DCSH figure.  The only thing I don’t like about the figure is the shine to the gloves and boots.  The figure has a stealth feel and the shine makes him stick out more. 


Finally Batgirl who was worth the wait.  While the character in this outfit is no longer in the comics its is a nice figure and addition to the Bat family.  She uses many parts from the first Batgirl but still sands apart with a great paint and scuplt on the newer parts.  Nice Job Mattel on bring us this figure finally. 


All the figures came with a back ground card while nice don’t really do much for me. 


Join me next time for a look a DCSH card backs and how they make us feel.  Maybe I will have found Two Face by then and will have some pics of him. Now back to Harry Potter……


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