Knowing is Half the Battle

Well after years of holding on to old lines and the 80’s revival in some ways slowing and some ways restarting( Transformers), this line just never really was part of my passion.  I always wanted them as a kid but the no gun toys rule in my house as a kid kept these army figures out of my hands for most of my childhood.  As I got older and my Mom watched the show she saw the moral lessons and let me into the world of G.I. JOE.  But getting in at the end of the line in the 80’s I never had Flint, Duke, or Destro. When they came out again a few years ago I got them all and then I realized the line was not my favorite of my childhood.  I liked them but found myself forgetting the names and having a hard time setting them up, because well I did not have any real love for the characters.  In moving some things I decided as some of you know to downsize and refocus my collection and while I am a child of the 80’s, Ionly really loved a few lines.  This last year has been a real journey for me and finding what my collection means to me and what I want it to be.  Unfortunately for the Joes they are not part of the plan and have to go.  Check out the pics and look at my auctions (link to the right)  towards the end of the week these two instant G.I. Joe collections will be up for sale. 


One Response to Knowing is Half the Battle

  1. Cool stuff. My favorite was always Snake Eyes. I also still have some of my old vehicles, such as the Cobra Rattler. I guess I should auction that stuff off sometime, but I don’t have the heart.

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