Look what my wife started

So for our anniversary this year my wife thought these were cute and knew I liked them.  I did not want to start becuase then I would want them all including some Star Wars and Transformers.  Well it has been a week, she gave me 4 packs, and now look what I have found.  I have waves 1 through 3 and really can’t wait for 4 to hit retail.  As it grows I will post but here they are, aren’t they cute. 



Now I know these are made for kids but really when did old Frank Castle become 3yr old friendly??? 



3 Responses to Look what my wife started

  1. jinternets says:

    Those are funky! Haven’t seen them around here in my side of the world yet, though.

  2. FoxGnaws says:

    Hit Toys ‘R Us if you can. They’re selling a couple of four packs that each have a repaint in them. One of them has a Gray Hulk. I don’t remember what the other one had, but it was X-Men related.

  3. Those toys are really cute! Do you still have to time to play them all?

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