Give it up??? Never!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so what do you do when all seem to abandon you?  Do you question your habits or do just walk way too??


That is what is going on in my life in the past few years I have seen my collector friends start to what most would say grow up, leaving me the last of the toys hunters.  While I have cut back on my collecting in the past few years my hunting and enjoyment over all has stayed the same.  I have seen some sell off their collections or just stop and put them away till they have to be sold.  I have had my own sort of putting things away in my life but never giving up the hobby.  It makes me wonder if  I’m dedicated or crazy.  Time and time again I ask when will I stop, and the answer is when the toys stop.  To many that sounds like never, but it really means when I feel like I’m done with the lines.  The difference between my friends and me is that I don’t want to get rid of my stuff.  Many of the friends say I want to keep this one line but I want to keep most of it and want to go back and get what is now considered vintage.  That hunt is more interesting and harder but also more expensive.  I think I will be a toy and comic junkie for life but I think as others fall the grown up world I get a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of dedication.  This really makes me look at my own hobby and realize that this is what I love and what I enjoy.



One Response to Give it up??? Never!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Jason says:

    Thanks for commenting my blog. You’ve got an awesome one yourself!!

    Never give up on toys or collecting in general. My friends are the same way… so the way I look at it is… More for me!!

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