So this is what it is like..

I have always wondered if the day would come when I did not want to buy toys, and what it would be like.  Well this past weekend I found out.  Knowing that June 2nd was Transformers/Fantastic Four day at Target and Wal-Mart I went to check out the new toys.  Well I have to say I do not want any of these toys.  With the aisle filled with the new movie toys and Spidy 3 toys I found myself playing with them and checking them out but not having any desire to buy any of them.  It was a weird feeling, yet it did not bother me.  I have had to cut back collecting line but this was an all together different feeling.  I know when ML and JLU end so might the hunting.  Toys are now becoming more for kinds and less for collectors even with wide the character selection.  I think over all this is good, because this will create a strong market and maybe keep our collector type lines going.So is my time as a collector of toys numbered?  Maybe but I will always have comics. 


One Response to So this is what it is like..

  1. Ryan says:

    hah! I’m with you there, chum. I just dont feel the urge to buy toys anymore.

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