Sooooo… what happened?

The easy answer is life, the hard truth is my lack of motivation.  Life has been a little hectic and my time here has been frustrating.  When this all started ML and DCSH were coming fast and furious and there seemed to be so much to talk about.  Now my biggest toy lull has happened and I don’t know how to snap out of it. Here are some quick thoughts about what’s going on. 

Toys- How long will collecting lines last for me? Will I ever start over?

Hasbro- For me at least it has not been an issue.  I have seen sets in most stores and never had to really hunt for them. 

DCSH- who knows and who cares, Mattel and others seem to think the secrets of this line is more important then national security.  Which translates to #$%^ the collectors.  Mattel says we will  do what we want when we want.  Then I think wow look at all we got, but then I think look what we are put though to get it.

JLU- Hard to find, short packed , and promised then hard to find.  See above for the Mattel problem. 

Boards- Great for news and pictures but people can be a pain in the a$$

RTM- great for little updates

Fwoosh- Home.  Good friends and good conversations going on. 

Froosh- see above except more friends and safer to express our feelings, frustrations and our thoughts. 

AFI- Too frustrating to deal with.  Now I say this in responce to Mattel, because it runs mostly on DC stuff.  If hear wait till….. or relax… or it’s just toys… or Peace one more time I feel like throwing this computer through a wall.  Otter best guy in the world and gives me something to aspire to with my Super Powers.

 So where does leave me?

I want to build back up my sight and figure out were I fit in this toy/Internet community. 


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