I think I got my first SCOOP

UPDATE 4/20/07
Over on
AFI Julius Posted
that our Cyborg was delayed but not canceled.  Thanks for checking on this JM. 

Well after no news from Mattel for months finally got some information.  After getting a tip from a reader I did some research and found out that the Cyborg Superman we all wanted has been dropped from the line according to one source at Mattel.  After the recent shipping changes and lack of pictures at this years Toy Fair we were all wondering when we would get to see the figure.  Now I know that sources at Mattel change sometimes but this information seems to be current.  When i called about the figure a few months ago i was told it would be out and now has been canceled. I did some more checking another source said that the assortment was still active, the question is now what does that mean? 

Will the cases ship minus the figure or will we see those cases canceled? 

Will we see him later down the line? 

Will we get one in his new suit?

Or will we never see this great figure?

We have questions but will we get any answers before those of us who ordered cases open them to find no Cyborg.

I hope I’m wrong because it will really start to feel like MOTU all over again. 


One Response to I think I got my first SCOOP

  1. When I was young, I thought that Mattel is only making Barbies and those Hot wheels…. ‘coz I always see it on Cartoon Network. I didn’t know that they do really make a lot of toys!

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