Thundercats HOOOO….. or Thundercats Nooooooo

With Toy Fair right around the corner and the latest rumors circling, will we see new Thundercats?  About 3 years ago we had a siege in 80’s toys retuning, from He-man to My Little Pony to Transformers, all reinvented themselves for the next generation.  While MLP did not have a new cartoon the other two properties did and both came and went.  He-man done by Mattel and Transformers by Hasbro both did well but did not find its market to keep it going.  He-man was plagued by time slot problems on Cartoon Network, as well as merchandise problems.  The toys were not packed well, in that out of a case of 12 figures 2 were original characters and the rest were He-man and Skeletor.  The cartoon was nothing more then 30 minutes commercial for the toys.  The problem was though you could not find any of the characters in the stores.  While in the 80’s they ruled good old aisle 7-C they barely made a dent in current toy settings.  They had the possibility of being more then a passing phase yet never really caught on.  While the toy line is being kept alive by the Four Horsemen the main stream has lost sight of this valuable property.

1980’s                               2004

Well now that the 80’s revival has slowed down Thundercats may throw its sword into the ring.  Will they do well?  Can they live up to the hype?  The real question is will the keep the cartoon intact or try to make in nice and PC? 


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