Why Post?

Why do we post on message boards? What is the purpose of our posts? 

I think these are two questions I have reflected the most on in the past two weeks.  A while back I wrote how we feel like we are part of a community but in that same community there are also elements,which makes us feel alienated.  So the first question I asked myself was why did I start?         

        I started posting to find out about toys coming up, and those that I own.  I can compare collections and talk to someone who is going to Wal-Mart as much as I am. The baords just made me feel like I was not alone, that someone also knew all the Wal-Marts in their state.  As time went on I felt like I was more like the community, but at the same time I got more and more into the community.  I join both Fwoosh and AFI and post occasionally on RTM.  I tried more but felt like I was only posting the same thing over and over again so I decided to just focus on the 2 main boards.  On Fwoosh talk was broad but mostly focused on Marvel Legends.  While over on AFI I found the main talk was about anything DC.  Well then I decided to join the Froosh (1st rule of Froosh is not to talk about Froosh), and that all I have to say about that.  Both boards have insiders and fans and they were fun.  But I think the access to all the information the internet provides have raised our expectations of our sites.  There was a huge up roar on Fwoosh when Jesse was told not to talk about Legends after the Hasbro transfer,  over on AFI we have our regular insider in Mattel who changes but we do get some info.  But when both sources became silent most posters got annoyed. We wanted answers and felt like we deserved them, while Ido not think that it is the responsibility of the sites to do this if they have the info that is not “top secret” it should be shared.  While I never was mad about the lack of new information about future waves, the lack of information on current products is a sore spot for me.  I was told that what does it matter what wave we are on or what figures were in waves.  Well to me it is important, and that is the information I want to know.  Just because all the people don’t care about case assortments and wave make ups it is a central part of collecting for me.  I choose not to shop on line I enjoy finding figures in person to check the quality of sculpt and paint before I buy a figure.  I want to know should I be out looking for a figure or am I driving around for no reason because the figure is not in the wave.  With 4 possible Waves from Mattel recently I don’t understand why I can’t know the information.  While the response I keep getting is waiting or what you want is not important, I don’t agree with that.  I say to those who gave me those responses just because you don’t think its important does not give you the right to shrug me off or belittle my need for that information. 

The Next Question what is the purpose of our posts ?

               Well as I said above I felt that by going to too many message boards my post were becoming redundant and pointless.  I think while the lack of information bothered me a lot, and the no point posting was also a sore area for me.  While I know I have done the short post before it’s not what I like to do all the time.  I think voicing opinions and feelings are the points of the boards and very short posts don’t accomplish that. Now I know some will not agree but I think if that is all you do is post one word responses then they are pointless.  If you can’t think of more then one word to say don’t bother.  And if you are rude with those few words keep it to yourself. I think the only place the one word post has value is in collection or custom threads.  But of course with the one word responses also come the term of post whore.  I mean really how much effort does it take to post one word in each thread? If that makes you happy well keep going.   Well I know this will get me some heat, but I have been nice and I have kept most of my frustrations with the boards to myself and my wife.  It’s time to let things out and be as real as I can be on here.  Thanks for reading


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