The New DCSH Wave 5 or 6?

So I finally got my hands on most of the new DCSH wave 5 or 6.  Now though most of us are frustrated with the current lack of information from Mattel, these figures are amazing.  Though I don’t know what to call this wave, but I  hope we get the rest of what is shown on the boxes.  Of course Rory will start us off with the first picuture from the wave. 

The first figure is Steel who also has a variant.  The regular on i think is the shinny silver S on his chest.  The figure has an amazing sculpt.


Next is Kal-el, who is a simple repaint with the new head sculpt.  I had a hard time finding one with a good paint job but over all a great figure.  I would have preferred the red was also metallic but over all its a great figure. 


Bizzaro again is another repaint but he has his nice little stone name tag.  I think the new colors really make the figure fit in with the villains and make him really stand out and differ from Superman.


Now one of the first new villains from the wave is Parasite.  The figure is very simple but the sculpt and paint are great. 


 Mongul is another new character and a great addition to the Superman villains.  His paint job and sculpt is amazing, another great job by the Four Horsemen.  He also is a great size when standing next to the other characters.  I know most will say this is the size Doomsday should have been, and maybe Mattel will take note and redo him for us. 


Finally some group shots of the old and new. 




3 Responses to The New DCSH Wave 5 or 6?

  1. flutieman07 says:

    where do you find those figures?

  2. kastor417 says:

    Mostly Walmarts in CT and MA

  3. That cute cat looks like a monster or a giant behind Steel…LOL….

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