Toy Fair

Well it’s TF07 and will we see anything to blow off our socks…. i don’t know check out all my links in my side bars for stories.  Also these have pretty good pic folders for the show.
SuperHero Times
Toynews I

 So to add we saw 2 new figures fomally for DCSH ManBat and Clayface, and got a hint that we will see 22 new figures( not all new sculpts). 

Here is what we know:
4.sups(black costume)
5.cyborg sups
ok and we know the two-face wave has a repaint 11.joker, and 12.bats
and not sure if the steel wave is counted in 07( 13.steel, 14.parasite, SG, 16.cheetos DD, 17.Mongrul) if so then we are up to 17 so what are the other 5????


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