Pull List…Save File……Collection…Hobby….Addiction

          Ok so if you collect comics you have a pull list at your local comic book store and after being obsessive about it I have not kept track lately, mostly because I trust my store.  My wife and I joke about where we want to more and the subject of my comic book store always comes up.  My rule is that I like my store so much I won’t move more then 30 minutes from it.  Well although it seems extreme its true I really don’t want to more then 30 minutes from this store.  Alternate universe is a small comic shop in New Haven Ct, and these new owners know how to treat their customers.  This shop has been around for almost 20 years and is actually the first comic store I ever visited when I was little.  My father after a long day on the road took me in and it was heaven.  Rows and rows of comics, cards and toys it was like a whole new world for the 5 year old me.  Almost 20 years later I revisited the store and started to go on a weekly basis. 

                           Though I had a comic book store which was only 10 minutes from my home I was not happy with the service.  After being on the fence about joining their store and having a pull file I made the decision to move my orders to Alternate Universe.  Since then I have had all my books on time in great condition, a member discount, and a birthday discount.  The owners make sure if I’m looking for something they do their best to get it for me or find one for me and always are willing to help in any way.  They know me well and when friends or family come in to get me a gift they go above and beyond to be polite and helpful to them. 

Collecting is my hobby and my passion and Alternate Universe makes sure that all I have to worry about is reading and enjoying my books. 

This is a Link to a local article on the store and its history.


My pull List

DC Comics



Detective Comics


Birds of Prey



Green Lantern


Green Arrow

Justice League

Teen Titians





Not on pull list but reading

Tales of the Unexpected


Trials of Shazam


Martian Manhunter


Wonder Woman

Super Girl

Super man

Action Comics

Marvel Comics

Sensational Spiderman

Amazing Spiderman

Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

New Avengers




Astonishing X-men

Ultimate Spiderman

Ultimate X-men


Ultimate Fantastic Four

Not on pull list

Civil War

Ultimate Power

Wolverine: Origins



One Response to Pull List…Save File……Collection…Hobby….Addiction

  1. I no what you mean about having a comic store next door and not happy with the service. I am not passing up three to get to a comic store 40 minutes away. But, they seem to want my money.

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