Comic Value?

What gives a comic value? 
Which is worth more this?  or this?

                       The answer is ….. they are worth the same to a collector who values history and thier the joy of comics.  I think that is the one thing that makes a true comic fan the price does not matter its the personal value of a book.  Now neither one of these books are mine…. but I have my fair share of books which are milestones but beat up.  I own history and a small piece of that hero’s past.


3 Responses to Comic Value?

  1. That is definately a great perspective–sometimes I get too wrapped up in the graded quality of the book. However, I do enjoy physically doing the grading myself.

  2. toonsntunes says:

    I try to keep them in the best condition possible. I love comics, but it’s also sort of an investment, I think. Mine are worth over $8000 according to the ‘guides’, but I wouldn’t part with them unless it was absolute beyond all doubt, dire straits. But even if got half owhat they’re worth for them, it could get me through a tough time, for sure. But I doubt I’d ever let things get that bad, instead I have boxes and boxes and have reduced my closet space by a third. However… if the story is great… doesn’t matter if it’s in a trade, or some ratty old bundle of papers. I wanna read it!

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