I’m bored in general with comics today.  There is not one story line that I can’t wait to read.  Why?  Have I out grown comics?  Have I immersed my life so full into them that I don’t find them exiting, but rather the most normal part of my life? Are they no longer magical because of my age and more a quick fix to end boredom for 5 minutes?  I don’t know really. I think part of the problem is the lack of focus from the comic companies in general.  Between the relaunches (how many times can we see “new #1 issue), drawn out stories (can anyone say the crisis of 52 identities), and late shipping (the real civil war was quicker to unfold) how is one supposed to be excited about this medium. 

                   I was excited when the idea of Civil War was introduced but after waiting months for the books to come out on time, my interest in the story is no longer there.  Part of that problem was reading other books set in the same continuity and same universe not handling the same story.  I mean how Wolverine can be in one book doing one thing and in 5 others doing something different.  I mean if you going to plan an event of this size shouldn’t they make sure all their books line up?  I have to say my favorite publisher DC is guilty of the same crime, with 52 and One Year Later.  I have so say now that the initial phase of OYL later is over all the mystery and excitement is gone.  Most books feel the same and the same old stories all over again. 

                    Another problem is the ignoring of continuity in the comic universes.  I mean I know death is nothing in the superhero world but still what happened to not over using a foe or idea.  I’m right now reading the Watchmen for the first time (yes I know it’s a crime), and I see the same types of characters and story lines that are part of my current pull list.

I ask myself over and over why do I keep reading the same books that bore me.  Well for the first time in many years I have canceled things on my pull list.  Both X-men main titles were getting too confusing and the revolving door of characters was to the point that I would read them in 3 minutes and never even care pay attention to the story. 

                   I know that this will all change and I will be back into comics like a rabid fan but for right now I’m in a comic lull.

Though there are 2 books that I do love.  One is canceled as of April and the other is one which is loved and hated in the comic world. 

 Firestorm– I think the character is well written and the only book to pull off One Year Later. 

 Ultimate Spiderman– I think it’s a fresh look at Spidy and does what Rami tired to do now 3 times and failed( I hate the Spidy movies almost as much as I hate Burton’s Batman).


4 Responses to Blah…..

  1. BigJon says:

    Hate Burton’s Batman? Oh…please don’t tell me you like Schumacher’s Batman…

  2. kastor417 says:

    No i think those 4 were all bad im a Nolan Batman fan

  3. Paul says:

    I loved Burton’s first Batman film, mainly because I grew up with it.

    Also: you’ve seen Spiderman 3? How can you hate it already if you haven’t seen it?

  4. kastor417 says:

    I just don’t like How Rami has handled all the movies. And i don’t like Sandman being the killer, or the … well that is a whole page blog over what i hate about Rami and HIS Spiderman

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