New Ghost Rider Icon?!?

Well I went into Wal-Mart today and I was not expecting to find anything.  I pre-ordered HML 1 and was just going in to kill time.  Well to my surprise I found the new 12 inch Movie Ghost Rider.  Now I had heard about him, but was not sure how much I would want it.  As the years have gone by I have wanted movie figures less and less, but this one was amazing.  This figure is billed as a movie figure, but fits right in with the other ML Icons.  It has the right build, sculpt, and decent articulation.  Now I’m not a great reviewer, I leave that department to people like Michael Crawford, but I had to tell everyone if you like ML Icons then get this figure.  Though pricey , $38 plus tax, I look at it this way $20 for the figure, which is the new going rate for Icons under Hasbro, and $20 for the bike.  Here are some pictures to convince you to get this too keep your Icons company. 



One Response to New Ghost Rider Icon?!?

  1. Deadpool says:

    Now that you got one , where the hell is mine?????

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