Finally All the Super Powers

So one of my toy quests over the years has been Super Powers.  When I was about 5 I saw the commerical that would get me into collecting action figures.  I wanted them all after watching that commerical, God i wish i had tivo back then, I ran into my Mom’s room and woke her up but it would be days before we saw the commercial again.  So we started looking around local stores like Bradlees Caldor and they were no where to be found, but one day my body froze in good old asile 7-C.  There I stood in front of a wall of those yellow cards and we bought all they had, one of each figure.  Well 20 some years later I just finished my hunt.  Now not all the figures I got were mint or working but I have each figure from the Super Powers collection.  
            You know those offers that are too good to be true,  well I got one.  A friend of mine who works at a local Wal-Mart told me he had a ton of Super Powers in great shape, for a long time I shrugged it off because he loves toys no matter the condition but with Super Powers I wanted them as mint as possible.  So after years of hearing him talk I was claening out my DCD figures and was going to take them all down to a toy drive, there were 20 single MOC DCD figures and 3 DCD 2 packs.  So the deal started to take shape, he did not want those figures to be just given away so he offered his Super Powers.  We worked out the deal and it was a one for one trade DCD for Super Powers, and my 3 box sets for 2 carded figures( Shazam and Tyr) and the Delta Probe.  He brought his collection and we met in a Wal-Mart parking lot and I started to dig through.  What I walked away with Was simply amazing, it was everything I needed and more. Here is the shot of the haul, and a picture of them all together with my older figures. 

The Haul  

The Whole Set

And finally one of the commercials which fueled my collecting bug


3 Responses to Finally All the Super Powers

  1. Nice! I had these guys and the marvel figures that came out around the same time: Captain America, Spidey (original and black), Ironman, Wolverine, etc.)

  2. Paul says:

    That’s awesome. I’ve just started thinking about collecting these. I was back at my dad’s house going through old toys and i found my flash, g.l., batman, and beat to hell superman and I started getting all nostalgic again.

  3. hobbylobby says:

    were the wonder twins technically part of the super powers?
    i know they were super friends… keep hoping to find WT figures, but no luck, despite all the floods of figures on the market.

    anyone have any idea about when or who would most likely have them?

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