Holiday toy hunt

So I think I hit my low point in my toy addiction.  Target has these new price scanners that tell you if they have more stock in their back rooms.  Now this is both a blessing and a curse for collectors.  Target also has a very loose policy on action figures and depending on who you get they will help you and get you more figures or say no and will not budge.  Well I finally found the new Target exclusive DCSH 2 packs and the only Batgirl I found was all scratched up.  So I asked at the store I found her if they could check if they had anymore in the back, they checked and nothing.  Now I was not going to just leave her for fear of not finding her again (see to kick or not to kick) so I bought her thinking I would find another and return the damaged one to the store.  The next day I went on a Target hunt and went to 5 targets and all checked in the back for a replacement figure.  When I asked them to check I explained that I had one and it was damaged and needed a replacement, they were all very nice about it.  Now at this point I just about gave up, I only had one more Target to try so I called Mattel to see if they could help.  After a bit of time on the phone they could no but they offered to refund my money themselves. I said I had one more to try and left it at that. 

                   I walked in to the Target with hope that I would find her but on the shelves nothing but Bizzaro.  I picked one up and scanned it on the nearest scanner and they had figures in the stock room.  I wandered through the aisles looking for someone to check for me when I saw a young guy with a ladder.  I walked up and very polity I told him my story and then he replied sorry but we can not go into the stock room for a specific figure.  I replied and told him about the damaged figure and other Targets were willing to check. Again I was denied, and the more I talked with him the more his metal handicap was apparent. I felt bad but was determined to find out if Batgirl was in the stock room.  I knew the policy that he was told was right but I was not asking him to go get me a variant figure that I did not know was back there and sell it on eBay.  At this point I only wanted to replace the figure I bought which was damaged.  But for him the rules were solid and no matter what I said his response was always the same.  I felt bad and mad at the same time and very conflicted, so I leave and see a report later that the toys were there and I missed them, or do I ask someone else and freak this guy out that I was getting him in trouble.  Well there was a third option I took a deep breathe and explained my story, told him about my trips to other Targets, and assured him I did not want anything more then to replace my figure and finally he agreed to ask the manager if he could check for me.  I heard the response over the walkie talkie, just as I though sure no problem.  So he nervously went to the back muttering to himself I hope I don’t get in trouble, as I waited looking at the other figures in the aisle.  When he returned I heard what I was afraid to hear, sorry they are all superman in the back. I thanked him so much for his help and told him how much I appreciated his help, knowing that this movement I would be remembered as the guy who mad his night stressful.   I left feeling beaten and pitiful for how I acted and the worst part is I know this type of thing might happen again. 

           Short packed toys and exclusive figure cause a desire in some of us that have the need to complete things that can be very negative.  I was not rude at all to this gentleman but the worry I put in him is not the person I usually am.  I have always said I’m not and addictive person, after this incident I have to say hi my name is Kastor and I’m a toy addict.


P.S. I finally found her see my collection page for some pics


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