I hate TRU!!!

Ok so I go to TRU and try to get the last of the figures…. and I get my Spidy Icon left 1 there and 2 variants, but all the Beasts are gone except a broken one. I take it to the service desk and ask if they have anymore because that one is broken, and she tells me she can check but she can’t tell me if they have any more Beasts. So I say I know but if they have a case they will have more Beasts and then she tells me no, I almost lost it so I told her there are only two figures in that case and if they have a case they will have a Beast. She again tells me im wrong and looks it up and see that there are no more and then she tries to hand me back the figure?!? I looked at her and said why would I want a broken figure and she should not put it back out and as I walk away she looks at the toy like so what it is broke. 

This is the newest in a line of bad bad bad service from TRU.   I have been yelled at for looking on a top shelf for toys, I have been told I could not touch toys stacked next to a shelf that were not on pegs, told I could not buy toys till the next day, told i could not buy a single figure unless I buy the whole case of figures, and told some figures and games were not released when I know for a fact they were( I was told a month ago Resident Evil 4 was not out yet, been out for over a year).  I hate it mostly because in some cases it is the only choice for toys.  And for you CT’ers out there look out for the West Farms TRU, the guy in charge of Action Figures there is the rudest employee i have ever met. 

To top this all off when I have written to TRU corporate they have said sorry but too bad, but they did say if any toys are on the store floor in boxes or on the pegs they are for sale and there is no rule that you have to wait till the next day.  I have run into the problem while looking for new ML this week and they have backed down and opened boxes for me, but it was an argument. Last thing is that i always start off polite but when they turn rude, then I stand firm.  Its amazing some of the power trips these guys are on over toys.  I could go on and on but why bother…. the bottom line is I Hate TRU!!


One Response to I hate TRU!!!

  1. When companies lose sight of what they got into the business for tin the first place…not the mioney but the toys, everyone loses.

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