Excuse me do you know where……?

               When I walk in to store now a days for some reason I always have someone come up to me and ask me if I know where something is.  I look at them confused and they say to me, “don’t you work here?”   I look back and say no and continue shopping.  Now some of you may ask how I am dressed, well that varies from day to day.  If I go on a run after work i’m usally in a shirt and tie with my cell phone on my belt so I look like the a manager, so I can understand I usually don’t have anything in my hands and I’m looking up and down the aisles, also with no cart.  But the times when I look at people with utter confusion is when I’m in jeans and a tee shirt.  Yet I have to say I do look like the average Wal-Mart employee in that outfit.  
               But the other day something happened and I was shocked.  I was home and saw an area report on Fwoosh that something new was out at local stores.  I was in pj pants and a tee so I threw on a hoodie and ran out the door and as I’m walking through a Target I hear excuse me can you tell me where something is?  I was utterly confused, because I’m standing in Target with pajama pants and my keys in my hand and they thought I worked there.  I laughed and walked away. 
           Now last night as I was looking for new toys at a Wal-Mart I turned to see a guy standing next to me, I tried to ignore him but he just started to talk.  Not bothering to ask if I work there, he just said do you have those 2 cup rice cookers. I looked back with my mirrored sunglasses and he just smiled and waited for me to answer.  So I said to him um, we are sold out and don’t know if we get more in but you might find some about 3 aisles that way.  As I left I saw him confused looking in the detergent aisle.  And thus starts my little shopping game how much can I confuse the people who interrupt my hunt for more toys….can’t wait to see what I get asked for next.

I also wanted to add as I was working on this I saw JJJason over on AFI had a similar problem.  He has a great blog over there and beat me to the punch on the topic.


One Response to Excuse me do you know where……?

  1. Ramen Junkie says:

    I used to get this from time to time while in game stores. The best was this kid who asked if the store had some game. I told him I don’t work there. He immediately turned to the next closest guy and asked him. The other guy was not an employee either.

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