To Kick or Not to Kick?

Have you ever walked by a toy you liked and said ” hmmm? do i really need or want this?”?  Well after a bit of a dry spell I walked in to Toys R Us and saw the new DCSH 12 inch Batman and Superman.   

I saw them, walked by, and looked around. Then I came back to focus my attention on the newest finds.  As I looked at them I noticed the sculpt was great and they had great paint jobs.  They were perfect and also two of my favorite characters.  So I walked to the price scanner and my heart sank.  I could see paying $20 for the toy but they were $29.99 plus tax and they were not in the budget.  I walked around a bit more and though about them, with the Holidays coming up I could ask for them for a gift, or could hope they would go on clearance and get them cheaper, either way I knew I was not walking out of the store with them.  And so I exited the store empty handed and went on with my hunt. 

Now every time I pass on a figure or buy one I think Ishould’nt have, I think is this a toy which will kick me in the butt later. There are two reasons to kick one’s self in the butt so let me explain.  Ever pass on a toy which becomes impossible to find later?  I remember in the 80’s Ireally wanted a Bionic Six M.U.L.E Van and found one at a TRU with Tida(my aunt) but the box was open so we passed,  it would take me 20 years to find that Van again.

The other reason is because you bought something you really did not need.  That exampleis the series one Ghostbusters from NECA.  Well without the rest of the characters the set will never be complete and sits in a bin in a closet somewhere not even close to worth what I bought them for. 

I have made one rule to make sure i don’t mess up something really good which is never pass up a variant, unless its a ML 9 Bullseye.

so I wonder will the DCSH Bats and Sups be a kick……….


One Response to To Kick or Not to Kick?

  1. Paul says:

    I have this problem all the time. Since (as I posted in a previous comment) I am selective about the toys I buy, there are a few that I wish I’d bought. I’ve done this with two different Optimus Primes, the first Anniversary Edition and the redo of the Powermaster one. Gah, why didn’t I get them?

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