The People We Meet

In this little world of toy collecting we meet all kinds of people, some helpful some who hinder, and some who wonder.  Some times we are lucky and meet those who share our addiction.  Before the Internet most of us felt alone in our hunts and frustrations but with the invention of cell phones and the message boards a whole new culture has risen up and given us unity.  We can fight the good fight against scalpers and find toys which some of us would never see in our local area.  The whole face of collecting was changed so much so, that this summer I walked up to a complete stranger in Toys R Us Times Square and said in a low whisper “Fwoosh?”,  and then exchanged hand shakes.  With Fwoosh, AFI, and RTM we have a community of people who can rant and rave about anything they want and know they are safe from the ridicule which most of us get when we are asked in our jobs or circles of what do you collect?, and we sheepishly say toys or comics and a look of confusion comes over their face as if to say to us silly man toys are for kids.  Our shoulders drop our eyes find a nice spot on the floor and we give an awkward smile. We feel outside the norm and sometimes is something wrong with us.  Most of us know it’s not true and we shrug it off and move on in our search for toys.  While working on this post I took a break and ran to a local Wal-Mart and TRU, and saw the same guy in both places.  At the second store I decided to say hello.  I turned and asked if he found any Modok and we struck up a conversation.  It was a nice feeling to know that I was not alone that day and hopefully we gained a new friend on Fwoosh.  So I guess my point is we are not alone!


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